Not So Happy Anniversary

26 Mar

This past weekend marked the 1-year anniversary of one of the scariest weekends of my life. I have been contemplating using this topic as a blog post discussing the importance of self-protection, worrying that some people may not be able to connect my story to the theme of this blog. I’ll give it a shot, and even if you don’t understand the connection I’m trying to make, hopefully you will at least enjoy the story.

It was a Friday night in March (technically Saturday morning) when my friends and I attended a party at a fellow classmate’s house, located close to our freshmen dorms.  Also in attendance were some extremely drunk strangers, with a clear interest in finding and bringing home the drunkest girls at the party. Feeling extremely creeped out, my 4 friends and I started our short journey home at about 2:30 AM.


Fast forward to about 5 AM. I am sitting in a hospital bed. The doctor is cleaning my wounds so that he can administer the stiches. My orange dress was stained with blood. My friend, Carrie, is sitting with me on the hospital bed, holding my hand, because she knows I am terrified of needles.


Long story short, one of the creepers at the party started following us home once we left. He was yelling obscene things at us, personally degrading, offending, and threatening each member of my group. We tried to ignore him, but one certain comment about my friend’s weight completely set me off. Against my better judgment and in an attempt to defend her honor, I retaliated in a rather unladylike manner. In the midst of the yelling and pushing, the man suddenly darted down the street. As the adrenaline running through my body faded away, I noticed a stinging pain and a stream of blood flowing from my leg and my arm. I didn’t notice him pull out a weapon of any sort, but it turns out that I had something reminiscent of a stab wound on my arm, and a slice on my leg.


Although this is a scary thing to happen to anyone, I was lucky that the circumstances weren’t life threatening. But what if they had been? What if I truly believed that my life was in danger? What if I was alone? What if I noticed he was carrying a weapon? If this man had the intention of severely injuring me, or killing me, I would have been defenseless. This can happen anywhere, not just on a college campus.  Some women may not be as lucky as I was. The right to carry self-protection should not be banned for this reason. If a person cant physically defend his/herself, they should be able to have something that will protect them and give them a sense of security. 


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